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First Stop Centre is a one stop organisation for the disadvantaged of Braintree, Essex. We are one of a kind; there is nothing else like us in the area.

We not only serve the Braintree community, but it’s surrounding area’s; Maldon, Witham, Halstead, Chelmsford, Dunmow and all of the surrounding villages

The amount of people we can help and the very varied services we offer is why it is so vital to us to keep our charity running, despite the lack of funding. Our mission statement at First Stop is;

To work with people who are disadvantaged, in a non-judgemental way, in order to improve their lives

As you look through our site you’ll be able to see the huge amount of services we offer. We will never turn anyone away so even if you just fancy a lovely cooked meal and a chat with some new people then we are the place to come to.

All the staff respect confidentiality, equal opportunities and practice in a non-judgemental manner. We encourage awareness of rights and responsibilities to promote independence with support.

Our service users rely on us, for some we are the only ‘family’ they have and for others we offer services, such as counselling and anger and anxiety  management, that they would otherwise not be able to access. Our education services can help anyone, from those who cannot read at all to those who want to improve their literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

Please take a look around our site, I’m sure you’ll be surprised with everything we can offer, even more surprised when you learn we do it all on a shoestring budget!. You may discover something that you can gain from us that you didn’t even realise was out there. Or you may even feel compelled to help us to keep serving the community by donating or volunteering – take a look at our ‘How You Can Help Us’ page for more information.


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