Our History

In 1982 the factories and industries in Braintree started to decline. The people affected had no help, so First Stop was born…….

In 1989 we became a registered charity and our mission statement became;

To work with people who are disadvantaged, in a non judgmental way, in order to improve their lives

We had several temporary homes: In Manor Street, at the old fire station and at the Institute. In 1997 we finally settled where we are now, located in Bocking End. Some of our clients have been visiting us before our Bocking End move!

The Old Fireestation in Braintree - Our History

The Old Fire Station in Braintree

Braintree Institute (Now Bocking Arts Theatre) - Our History

Braintree Institute (Now Bocking Arts Theatre)








Our services have evolved with the needs of our clients, but our original aim is still the same – to do our best to meet the needs of anyone who walks in our door.

We have won several Mid-Essex business awards and the Essex County Council Bowl – a county-wide award recognising our work. But better than that we have managed to keep the centre running, with very little funding, and are still able to support those who need it the most