Anger and Anxiety Awareness Course

Why Would You Need The Anger and Anxiety Awareness Course?

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The anger and anxiety awareness course may be helpful for people finding anger or anxiety a difficult issue.  The course will answer:

  •  How do we know we are angry or anxious?
  • What are the physical reactions?
  • What triggers the feelings?
  • How do we or can we cope with them?

Anger and Anxiety are among the most fundamental of human feelings. They can be caused by many things, including frustration, disappointment and by what we perceive as injustice.  Whatever causes them; suppression can damage both physical and mental health. When you suppress these feelings they can then cause you to react in inappropriate ways when you shouldn’t. Attending the course will teach you how to deal with these issues in a healthy, safe way.

The courses are run in small groups and are facilitated by two members of staff.  They run weekly over five weeks at the Centre in a designated room quiet room which will put you at ease and enable you to open up.

Each session lasts approximately two hours. If you are unable to attend a session for any reason you must let us know – the easiest way to do this is to telephone us on 01376 346535.

You can contact us directly to arrange an assessment appointment or talk to your health worker or GP for a referral.


The Anger & Anxiety course is one of the only services we offer that we need to charge for. The cost to the Centre for arranging the course includes:

Handouts, staff supervision, display equipment and refreshments. The fee for the course is £100; in exceptional circumstances this fee can be reviewed.