Basic Education and Job skills

 Basic Education

First Stop Centre provides classes both during the week and at weekends for anyone who wants to learn or brush–up their basic skills. Skills for Life is a National Programme focussing on adult education.

 What can I learn?

English (including): speaking & listening, grammar, punctuation, reading, comprehension and handwriting.

Maths (including): number, measures, shape & space, handling data and money management.

IT (including): Introduction to the use of computers, accessing word processing, spreadsheets and learning to find the way around the Internet. We help learners in the production of CVs and job search.

Who can learn?

Learners over the age of 19 are welcome to attend our Skills for Life classes (our oldest learner to date is 90 years of age) but we can help 16-19 year olds too, in certain circumstances.

We can offer recognised qualifications and in-house certification.

Learning is FREE

to all who enrol onto the Skills for Life Education Programme but there may be a charge for accreditation

Education room

The classes are over seen by a qualified Skills for Life tutor- provided by First Stop Centre.

We run in partnership with the NLDC and other organisations as well to provide the best possible experience for our learners.

We offer Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) and have access to external provision as well to give learners the best advice on progression routes

All sessions are planned with the needs of the individual learner in mind who can choose from a variety of modules. These are written into Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).  Students are encouraged to aim for a qualification from entry level up to the adult qualification Level 2 (equivalent of a higher grade GCSE)- if this is the correct route for them.

Your Commitment

All students have to enrol onto the Skills for Life Education Programme for the time they wish to use the service. Students may also access other services provided by First Stop Centre.

As our educational services are free we sometimes find that people do not fully commit to classes, either by turning up late or by not attending at all. Classes are run by trained volunteers who give up their time to help, so we ask that you respect that fact by fully committing to class as much as you would a paid course. Our time is also very precious due to the amount of people who need our help, so please always let us know if you cannot attend or if you have changed your mind about attending, ideally with 24 hours notice

Job Skills

Job hunting is especially tough at the moment and the competition for jobs can mean that some people get left behind due to lack of skills. At First Stop we can help you to;

  • Help you to register onto different job sites and help you to apply
  • Prepare a professional CV and Covering letter
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Bring your basic skills up to the level that you need in order to appear attractive to potential employers