Benefits Advice and Debt Advocacy

Benefit advice

Image by Stuart Miles

Benefit forms are long, confusing and generally a pain to fill in. Now imagine trying to do it whilst struggling with reading or a mental health issue. Having to live with poverty is hard enough and the stress of having to apply for these ever changing benefits can have a huge psychological impact on the client.

At First Stop we will do our best to help our clients to work out which benefits they are entitled to, apply for them and gather whatever evidence they need to continue with their application. There are other agencies that deal with these issues full time, but sometimes our clients will only feel comfortable turning to us. If there is a problem that we cannot help with we will always point our client in the direction of these other agencies, or in certain circumstances deal with agency ourselves

 Debt Advocacy

Image by renjith krishnan

Image by renjith krishnan

Debt is another huge stress that some of our clients have to deal with. When appropriate we will help that client work our what steps they need to take in order to lessen the burden. Once again we will point them in the direction of the agencies that deal primarily with this issue, but sometimes we find ourselves helping instead.

If you need help with benefits or debt relief you can find links to help here: Helpful links

Or you can contact us through our contact page