From time to time in our lives we experience events that seem to have no end or solution in sight.  Sometimes we know that these feelings and emotions are due to a life event such as marital stress, stress, bereavement or illness.

Sometimes we have no idea what is making us feel the way we do.  All we know is that our lives have become uncomfortable, difficult or seemingly intolerable.

Counselling can help to clarify thoughts and feelings and enable decisions and emotions to be explored in a safe place. First stop can provide a safe place for this to happen.

All counselling takes place within First Stop, in a quiet room which will help to relax you, making it easier for you to open up

Counselling room



To arrange an appointment please contact a member of staff at First Stop Centre.  An appointment will be made to have a free initial assessment with one of our counselling staff.



First Stop Centre aims to provide affordable counselling for our clients.  During the assessment appointment the client and the counsellor will negotiate an affordable fee for the client to be able to gain the support they need.

We will need 24 hours notice for cancellations – you may be charged for missed appointments