Postal Holding

Postal holding is a service that some of our clients find invaluable. If you are of no fixed abode, or for some reason are not able to receive post at your current address, you can use Fist Stop as a ‘care of’ address. This means that vital documents, such as benefit updates and legal correspondence, can safely be stored with us until you can come in and collect your post.

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Any client can sign up to this service, but we do need to be made aware before you give our address as a c/o address. You must also make the possible senders aware that we a a c/o address only. Every piece of post is securely store and the you yourself must come in and sign for their post before we can hand it over. This service is only available during our opening hours, and no post will be handed out outside of these. If our opening hours are not convenient, other arrangements must be made.


Post will be held for 4 weeks before we redirect the letter back to the sender. There are certain items of

post that we are not able to accept;

  • Passports
  • Driving licenses
  • TV licenses
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Car insurance documents
  • Credit cards
  • Utility bills (gas and electric)
  • Home insurance

If any of these items do arrive at the centre the management reserve the right to return them immediately